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Fusible plugs are designed to protect compressed air systems from the possibility of explosions occurring, owing to oil vapour igniting. They are also used to protect air receivers from explosions occurring through external fire. They are designed to work in the event of high temperatures, reducing pressure and providing an audible warning of impending danger.


Fusible plugs are constructed from brass, with a central fusible disc. When fusion occurs, the molten disc is ejected by air pressure, which is retained by a vented cap. Working conditions dictate the fusing temperature of the disc. If special requirements dictate, stainless steel and high pressure versions of both fusible plugs can be provided.


Fusible Plugs must be fitted vertically to the underside of the pipe, in between the compressor and the receiver, ideally as close as is possible to the compressor. Use the DN10 size for pipe bores up to DN50, the DN15 for larger bores. Fusible Plugs are usually fitted to the top of the vessel that requires protection. It's sensible to service check plugs every two years and, if need be, the fusible disc should be cleaned or replaced.


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All of our relief valves are manufactured under and approved to the European Pressure Directive: PED No. 97\23\EC


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